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Oct 1, 2006
Hi all,
I have lurked here on and off for a few months. I just fired my mortgage company after 14 years, and I'm hoping to be able to FIRE myself in another 14 years @ 55. I've been working at my present job for 19 years, and am considering tapering off into part-time, or possibly self employment. I'm sure I'll come up with lots of ignorant questions later. Thanks everyone for such a great forum.
It feels great to pay off the house - congrats! You have set a nice long term plan to ER - maybe you will reach that goal earlier - is the 14 years at 55 to get bennies or time needed to save?

good luck!
Awesome, livnlow! I bet you beat 55. You've got LBYM down and it's amazing how much that compounds year after year.

Thanks for the welcome and the positive comments.:) Yes it does feel great to be rid of a mortgage. I have read some threads on the forum regarding whether to payoff early or not. I happen to be one of those people who absolutely hates to have a large long term loan, so I made it a priority to pay it off as quickly as I could.

Donzo, the 14 years is to save. No bennies when I leave. Medical insurance will probably end up being my biggest expense.

Thanks again, and hope to see ya'll around the forum.

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