Does computer you use affect what you see?


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Jan 30, 2006
Recently I was using DD's computer which is a small netbook using Chrome.
I tried to look at a link on a forum but I was asked to register and attest that I was a financial advisor which I am not so I aborted the attempt. Later I tried to find schedule for the local bus system but was only able to find the stops, not the schedule, even tho I was doing the same steps as a rep for the bus company who could see it.

Later when I was home I tried the same things using the Mac using Safari.
I was able to view the first link directly w/o any registration and I was able to see the time schedules w/o a problem.

Does that make sense?
No, but DH just got a Chromebook, so I'll be watching this thread with great interest. He thinks I'm his Help Desk for all things technology related, so I need to get up to speed on this.

All I can think of is that she has some settings that might prohibit Flash or Java from running?
Good point.........I was trying to do a google spreadsheet copy and paste and I had to give permission for every single time I did it..........although the Mac also prevents Java from running and doesn't have flash, I was going to say it didn't have that problem (at least at some time in the past) but I just tried it and it did something would warn me that cc and paste was not an available function,but it would still do it but the error message would pop up each time.
It did tell me that the Mac equivalent of ctl-c and ctl-v were available.
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