Does everyone here have millions saved?

He burned out in his mid-20s. The theory from his father is that he spent too much time chasing the women he met at the conferences to really keep up his gaming skills.

Both our kids have always been big time internet gamers, playing and traveling to conventions, but fortunately they have their heads screwed on the right way.

Both went to college and got degrees in Computer Science. DS works in the IT department of a bank but still plays a lot of online games. DD worked for a number of years at Big Blue as a software engineer before going into the gaming industry as a developer where she has been for about 3 years and absolutely loves her job.
My nephew and one of his buddies spent their high school years playing video games. My nephew later got his ms in computer science and is a systems analyst for a credit card company, his buddy is a navy pilot. That gaming helped those 2, although we thought that they were not going to amount to much while they wasted away their teenage years playing computer games.
My degree is Computer Science and Math. I got the degrees because I liked to pay video games. I always played them at the laundromat, and most bars. We did not have x-boxes back then.

Looking back, the only connection to a Comp Sci degree, and video games is that you need a good job to be able to afford to play the games.

Now my video games are Excel, Word and Quicken...
[FONT=&quot]Millions? Nope. Net worth a LOT less than that, but ongoing expenses also (relatively) low, with potential to go lower once the wife retires. It's a cash-flow thing.[/FONT]
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