Dow 40000

Ahhh book sales must have slowed down for Dent

Care to provide us with any fundamental details in the article? Well, just look at a drop here and see a rise there and today's market will act exactly the same. Right....

How could the Dow (full of big caps) suddenly explode to 40,000? I suppose earnings and profits will grow at a rate to justify that kind of move? Ha

Article interrupted my 'praying for a huge drop' session
We all know markets can behave irrationally, but while I would enjoy the ride, I'd be sold out of the market no later than 30k. :D
Based on historical average PE ratio (15.11 +/- 38.5%), the Dow should be 9138.

(Based on the 9/30 close)
As I've said before, I'm not gonna worry about what the "experts" forecast. I will continue with by same old 1/3 stocks, 1/3 bonds, and 1/3 other(cd's, reits, commodities) and hope for the best. I've done more damage over the years trying to market time that I'm gonna just stay the course with this allocation. Not gonna get rich, but hopefully won't get hit too hard either.  :-\
Have Funds said:
Based on historical average PE ratio (15.11 +/- 38.5%), the Dow should be 9138.

Dent has been predicting DOW 40,000 since 1993, I think. He says it'll happen in 2008. He's also betting that the economy speeds up to 7% GDP growth (from about 3.5% now).

If P/E levels stay the same, 7% growth would get us to 12,700 by 2008. So, he's apparently betting that P/E's will tripple to around 60.

Anything's possible, but some things are very improbable.
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