Easy Social Security Question (I think)


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Apr 18, 2015
My wife recently applied for both Medicare and Social Security the other day and no where during the online process did it ask her if she wished taxes to be taken out. Is this something that gets asked prior to her getting her first check in a couple of months or can we simply log into her account when it gets approved and add it then?
She needs to file IRS Form W-4V with Social Security.
Yes, we had to fill out the form also. We signed up for SS in person, but were never told of the form then! We went back to do that and rather than waiting for an appointment, the security guy actually got the forms and envelops for us and then showed us where to put them afterwards. Nice guy. Kept us from having to sit there for an hour or two. This was when you could just walk in , there was no appointment making. (Small office in a local small town, since closed)
Thanks everyone! Exactly the answer I was looking for.
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