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Sep 14, 2004
How do you email a ER forum thread with its postings? This is for the computer novices like myself.
I would just create link to the thread in the email. Using a PC, I would do the following: open the thread in question in your browser and highlight the address in the address bar (http://www.early-retirement.orgwhatever), then copy it (right click and select "copy'). Go to your email and compose a new message, somewhere in the email program (probably a button near the text control buttons) you should be able to find a button to insert a link, it should be fairly easy from there to create a link back to the thread by pasting (right click - "paste") the copied address. It will show up as a clickable link in the email message, and the receiver can just click on it and their browser will take them here. If you can't find the button to create a link, most programs will allow you to just paste the address you copied into the text and it will create a clickable link for you.

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