"Engineering Your Retirement" worth $28?

Why was he banned?

I saw a review of it on either this, or the retireearlyhomepage.
Request it through interlibrary loan at your local library.

Lets just say he apparently had difficulty following the rules and didn't respond well when the owner of the forum asked him to change his behavior.
Danm, My library allows me to request that they buy a book. Its not a commitment to buy, but its worked for me a few times. Maybe yours does too.
Looks like a good book, but is it worth $28? I've read the review on this site.
I think Deserat has read it, but she's not on this board every day. You could wait until she sees this thread, or you might want to PM her.
I think he still posts on the retireearlyhomepage. SGeee, right...

Mike Golio Speaking Engagements

but hey, another guy looking for 5-20k for speaking engagements;)....

Don't know the guy or much of the background about his being banned from this forum, but sitting through a 60 to 90 minute PowerPoint presentation?? Rather have burning toothpicks under my toenails!
Hmm - it's in my library - I would wait until it is a bit cheaper or buy it used. He takes an engineering technique to planning your retirement. It's sponsored by IEEE, so it's a bit dry, but his ideas are good and sound for planning your retirement.
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Fact-based poster. Good book. Wiley is a major publisher. Beware of those that collaborated on banning him.
Dude, you just can't let it go, can you?

Mouth off to an admin, go to Greaney's board.

For sure! And better watch what you say in front of an SS too.

Really Ha? So telling the board operator "blow me" after he asks you to play nicely a couple of times, and antagonizing the moderation staff for three months is the sort of good behavior that you feel warrants nurturing?

Mike Golio was tired of posting here, thought it was a waste of time, and was just screwing around to see how much he could get away with before he'd get banned. He found out.

We've got another one just like that still hanging around. Seems an odd way to spend ones time, but I guess to each their own.

Like Nords says, there are other places aplenty where one can find different sorts of cultures and different mixes of people. If you like what Mike has to say, he's a regular on several other ER boards, and seems to be holding quite a monologue over at one of the IEEE RF engineering forums, and he even has his own web site. So he's hardly being repressed... ;)
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