Epic Road trip in November!

We stopped at the ranch her brother and wife built for a scant 2 hours. It was a good visit and we accomplished getting a few things to remember him by, and use.
There were pictures that his wife did not value and we took those, and some things from my FIL that he had.
He was a senior rodeo circuit rider and horse trainer by trade.


I was able to wear some of his rodeo prize vests and coats and took those, and his new black stetson hat fit me perfectly. Unfortunately his summer straw hat was a size too small.
I wore a vest and the hat to Thanksgiving dinner yesterday in his and our friend Slim's honor. He was our other cowboy. I will post up some pictures. I never wear a hat besides a hard hat, and I liked it.

I had already booked an AirBnB for that night in Healdsburg so that was our out. There had been friction with her while the brother was alive, and that was hard to give up. Just being there made my wife uncomfortable.
I looked at the options and figured it was well worth ~40 minutes to take the drive across the Golden Gate bridge on the way north. It was a first for both of us.
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I really enjoyed our crossing of the Golden Gate bridge. IIRC it had a hefty toll. I suppose it takes a boat load of maintenance to keep it from rusting away. Our iron gate needs routine care to stop the rust.

Bummer that they had lanes closed when you crossed - but what else is new?
No closed lanes, it is 3 in each direction and a really nice pedestrian lane there. We will walk it some day, probably riding BART out there from a stay in the city proper.
Bonus info: There is no toll to head away from the city northbound :D
Utah's enormous features and distances impart a similar feeling of insignificance that the ocean does. It is a touchstone I come back to that sets me right from time to time.
Distant castles




We drove through the redwoods of northern California and did not take many pictures. It is a favorite place of ours.
Florence was the destination, and it rained a couple of hours that evening. I drove on a bit in the dark over well-traveled grounds.
The next day we woke to blue skies for a perfect day on the Oregon coast. The first stop was my favorite place there, Devil's Churn at Cape Perpetua. Up before dawn, we got there at daybreak.


The ocean has been exploiting a flaw in the lava laid down 37 million years ago, and has punched a narrowing channel all the way back into the mountain. It is both a wonderful and terrifying place. Last year someone fell into the narrow end with predictable results. Notice that none of my pictures or video are near the edge. The sea does not suffer fools gladly.


The rock there is volcanic and very good traction, which leads to a sense of confidence that is misplaced. It's rough and uneven.


This action here just reduces me down to nothing at all, in the grand scheme of things.
When the tide is out, you can hear boulders roaring on the floor of the back cave when the waves rush out. When it is high the roof of the cave will spout spray on an incoming fill wave. This is medium high tide and there is a distinctive boom when the cave fills up, at the end of this video.
Tough tide pools


This about got my shoes wet

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No closed lanes, it is 3 in each direction and a really nice pedestrian lane there. We will walk it some day, probably riding BART out there from a stay in the city proper.
Bonus info: There is no toll to head away from the city northbound :D

Wow, unless my eyes deceive me, that is a huge pedestrian lane. Looks like the equivalent of a couple of lanes. It has been 35 years since I've driven the bridge so I must have forgotten.

Speaking of (maybe) one-way tolls. DW and I drove from San Diego to San Ysidro and then back up the cost to Coronado. By luck, we went the right way and had no toll to cross the Coronado bridge back to San Diego.

Of course, Maybe I'm just wrong on the toll for the Golden Gate bridge. I've been wrong before (and DW has the list! - just kidding as she is full of grace - usually.)
yes it is a big pedestrian area, behind a permanent iron rail and guardrails. It was not busy at that picture but it was in the middle of the brldge. There are no toll booths so either you have the pass system or you pay by plate for southbound only tolls, ~$9
I had to put in my info in Illinois and put my plate number in for a toll on the eastbound trip. The roads in the Chicago area are bad and I went down a toll road towing that car, and it was $3 well spent. The money was nothing, messing around with their website was a pain!!
That was a great trip! Great pictures thanks for posting your journey.
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