Equal Contributions (calling Haha)

One of the things I love about not being married and not living together, is that we only get together when both of us want to. We've been in a committed relationship for years, and yet we haven't really had reason to have a knock down, drag out argument. No reason to. We get together to have fun and to enjoy sharing our lives and each others' company. Are we still in the "honeymoon phase" of this relationship, after all these years? Could be, but I am eternally optimistic.

I really do think that many people need to spend more of their time alone than they do, in order to look inside and find happiness, and to appreciate time spent with someone else.

I hate to disagree but I think the honeymoon stage while nice is not reality . If you can be together day in and day out and are still crazy about them that is priceless !

If the past eight years have not been reality, then I'd like to spend the rest of my life enjoying the same unreality. Ah, bliss! :D
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