Error browsing the site: "_gat is undefined"


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Sep 1, 2006
In IE 7.0, I'm getting an error today when browsing the forums: "_gat is undefined". It's an IE error, so I get a messagebox informing me of the error, asking if I want to debug. It happens on every page, and only seems to be this site. If I click Cancel, pages are loading normally, so it's just an annoyance.
I'm not sure if you know this already or not, but I think it might help if you don't
Click Tools -> Internet Options

Click the 'Advanced' tab

Under the Browsing section, make sure 'Disable Script Debugging' is checked... temp solution, but it'll at least make it less annoying for you... then again, I think this is checked by default so you probably already know all of this and unchecked it for a reason so I'll shut up now.
Thanks, Marquette. I am familiar with the setting, and I need to leave script debugging enabled (I'm a software engineer, and it'd be tough to do my j*b with it off ;)).

This error just started popping up today, so I figured I'd let whoever cares about such things know.
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