ETF in taxable account (tax efficiency)


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Jan 29, 2004
I have a bias against TSM funds not because of recent performance per se, rather their habit of forming bubbles. Value almost by definition would avoid these bubbles so I would like to invest most of my equities via value.

My problem is that most of my assets are not in tax advantaged accounts. I would like to counter this by buying SV via etf's (either IJS or Vanguard's VBR). I understand etf's are supposed to be more tax efficient and IJS has not distributed any gains over the last few years (due I'm sure almost entirely to the bear).

Looking past at historical distributions IJS did in fact distribute capital gains in early 2000. My concern is that these etf's will not be as tax efficient as advertised and the small + value premiums will not be enough to overcome the taxes. Mid value IJJ seems to have the same distribution history.

Any thoughts?

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