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Jul 16, 2006
In discussion with a friend, the question of the proper etiquette when receiving a reward gift at work came up.

My megacorp recently began giving small gift-cards to "employee of the month", and also as a gesture of appreciation to extra work done.

What is the proper response to receiving this? Is it proper (appropriate/expected) to respond with a handwritten thank you note? Or is a verbal thank you sufficient?

I am hoping you all may have had experience with this and can say what is/was done at your job.
Check with Miss Manners, but it seems that a verbal thank you upon receiving it would be enough. I've seen people do it that way.

I remember a nasty political situation where several employees let it be known that they thought one guy shouldn't get a $100 award. He was a very friendly Mill Valley guy, always made of point of pleasantly greeting everyone, etc; you wouldn't think he had an enemy in the world. He found out about the disgruntlement, and spent it all and then some taking us all to lunch.

I left that mega mega corp in '90; god I don't miss it!
Thanks, all.

My friend responded to such a recognition gift with a verbal thanks.

I just received one, and thought a note might be in order, but do not want to appear to be kissing up by overdoing it, on the other hand, do not want to come across as ill-mannered.
i used to get a bunch of these. not of the month type awards but awards for initiative, saving money, finding new ways of doing things, etc.

early on it was a big to do with v.p.'s flying around the country to hand out awards. nice bonus checks. everyone from local offices would gather for the ceremony. all completely embarassing (well, except for the checks). all that seemed appropriate then was to thank them in front of god & everyone as we shook hands for the corporate propaganda cameras.

but then the award programs stopped, the gratitude ended. all they wanted to do was take without giving. sorry, but it would not be proper etiquette to say in public what proper etiquette became.
I usually just smile and say "Thanks!" and then they usually thank ME... but naturally the money in the bank is already the best thanks they could give me! Love those cash awards.
I worked for two small companies. Woe to the employees who did not send them a personal thank you note after the Christmas party, summer picnic, and for the Christmas bonuses. At least it was easy to see whom should be thanked. In your situation the award isn't really from your boss but from the company, right? So I think the verbal thanks to whomever presents the award to you (or sends you the e-mail telling you you'll be receiving it) should suffice.... And if you've just received one of them, congratulations!

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