Eye problems blurry in one eye suddenly

Don't you just hate it when you go to the doctor and they tell you you've got no problem?

I too need to make an appointment for a ophthalmologist and a diabetic eye exam. I've never worn glasses, but this danged computer is getting harder to read.

No, I feel relief that I’ve been checked out and nothing serious is wrong.
I get that sometimes in my left eye. I suspect it happens to me when the circulation is reduced and the muscles on that side of my head are tight. What helps me is acupressure on my head and shoulders, plus some gentles stretches or yoga poses to loosen up my shoulders and arms. Like just laying flat on my back the bed with my arm draped over the side and stretched out. Or laying on my back with a pillow under my chest. Those are counter stretches to what tightens up when I'm in the computer for long periods.

Being on a computer more can cause upper crossed syndrome and forward head position (see Google images), which for me are usually improved with less computer time and more counter stretches.

Circulation can also of course be impaired by diet, but my issue seems to usually be the tight muscles.
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At age 47, I had jaundice, liver failure (which self-resolved after about a week), and yellow eyes. My doctor asked if I had any sudden vision changes, which can be caused by blood clotting associated with very high liver enzymes, which I had at the time). The very next day, my left eye was blurry. Branch retinal vein occlusion. Treatments have included monthly to every two months of anti-veg shots (currently taking EyeLea from Japan). I've had about 108 of these shots over the last 7 years, plus laser surgery, steroid shots, cataract surgery, and last week, and epi-retinal membrane removal surgery. I figure my eye has cost Kaiser around $400K so far. Hoping the latest surgery will allow the macula to return to its normal shape and reduce the shot frequency. Will have to wait and see!

Definitely see a retinal specialist. This is nothing to mess around with. Each time the macula fills with extra blood, it loses some of its elasticity, and hence, reduces your vision permanently, so it's important to keep taking the anti-veg shots regularly as recommended by the doctor.
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my right eye wed morning was blurry when I woke up. One of the 3 eye drs.
I called had a cancellation so I went today. He said I had a "branch retinal vein occlusion" and we made a appt. for a retina specialist on next Monday and
I have a physical this wed. to check blood etc
The eye dr was surprised how good my corrective vision was (good news)
I been pretty healthy late 60s and very active
Anyone ever have this?
Ill find out whats next pretty soon but wondering if anyone had any experiences

FYI Saw retina specialist and he said 33% better 33% same and 33% get worse. So he said come back in a month (today). I knew ahead of time
I was pretty close to the same and maybe a little worse, which turned out to be correct. The next part I knew was coming and that was the eye injections. He said 60% success rate after 3 injections 1 month apart. I talked to 2 friends who said it was nothing and I think it was on this site someone said the same thing. I HATE needles and going to the doctor knowing they are going to poke me with a needle and I will tell you that getting a needle in the eye is a non event. the doctor told me ahead of time that it sounds crazy and sounds terrible but it is nothing as far as pain and discomfort. Anyway if there is someone that has to face injections in the eye I hope u realize ahead of time that it is quick and painless.
Now I am hoping the injections work and we are done with it.
About a month ago I had dozed of in front of the TV. When I woke up, my vision was blurry in both eyes. I could not get them to focus. This lasted for about 30 minutes, then cleared up. I had a slight headache but no other symptoms that would indicate a potential stroke... but why take chances, I contacted my doctor. I ended up getting a carotid artery MRI and brain cat scan. Both showed everything was fine, arteries clear, no sign of stroke ever occurring.

I had a visit with my eye doctor today. they took images of the eye and showed me the pictures. Everything was in good shape - no retina issues, no issues with the blood vessels in the eye. The doctor thought it may have been related to eye strain/dryness from watching TV, since I feel asleep while watching it and I have had dry eye issues in the past. So I need to be better about using eye drops.

Ocular migraine without the pain? DH suffers from them but unfortunately, it is accompanied by the typical migraine pain once the eye issues resolve. They can also occur without pain.
I had a similar problem. The vision in my left eye went down hill. I have glaucoma so I have regular visits with an Ophthalmologist. He referred me to a retinal specialist. The retinal specialist took a bunch of pictures of my eyes. It turns out that the retina has thickened in my left eye which accounts for the loss of visual acuity. This is likely due to some complications from my past cataract surgery. The good news is that it isn't macular degeneration and likely to be stable. So it is a bit of a pain but it shouldn't be getting worse in the near future.

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