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Apr 23, 2006
Megacorp has been pretty good to me thru 2 decades, but the last few years have seen a major reversal of culture, and the fun disappeared (along with a lot of my coworker's jobs...). A couple of days ago I got offered the package-to-leave that I've been waiting for. Years of lurking on this board and a few others (REHP, Gummy, Raddr, etc) have given me confidence that I've got "enough"...and if I don't, well, I'm sure I can always find a way to make a buck or two.
I'll be leaving on Jan 1st, 46 years old, and couldn't be much happier. Thanks to all of you for helping make this possible, and now I'll try to give back a little by contributing as well.
Congrations and Welcome

We look forward to your contributions.
A couple of days ago I got offered the package-to-leave that I've been waiting for.

Congratulations! My dream has always been to go out with a package! In my case it looks like it won't happen but I've got probably 5-6 months to continue to hope.

Happy the stars lined up the right way for you! Welcome
Getting a package at 46 is outstanding! Did they cover health insurance?


Wow, congrats on a package at 46. If you have been lurking for years then you should feel pretty comfortable here. Welcome!

Wow congratulations!!!!! I'm a year and a half younger and would need a winning lottery ticket in order to done in 18 months. Nice job!
Thanks to everyone who responded...

Donzo - Continued employer-paid health insurance would be nice dream, but it's into the private market for that I'm afraid...that was probably my biggest single point of concern in pulling the trigger, but I've worked the numbers pretty hard, and my post-FIRE budget can handle this, even with continued cost escalation.
Way to go! Isn't why a lot of us are here is because, as you said, the fun disappeared? So what are your plans?
46 wow congratulations. That's what we call a Golden Handshake. I've always heard about it, but never experienced it or seen it happen around here. Much talked about but that's all (among employees nearing retirement).
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