Favorite karaoke songs


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Feb 20, 2017
For those of you who sing karaoke, how do you pick which songs to sing? Do you pick songs within your voice range or do you just sing songs you like no matter what. I tend to pick 70s classic rockers that I like and are in my voice range.
I have no skill or talent wrt music and singing. After 1-2 beers, to lubricate my vocal cords, of course, I may start looking through the list. Another 1-2 beers later, if I find a song I like, I may give it a try. The odds of me singing increases tremendously, if my companions are equally intoxicated interested. I also tend to pick 70's classic rock, because, after about 6 beers I think I swear I just like Farrokh Bulsara.
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My buddy and I did a spirited rendition of Rock'n Roll All Night impromptu at a karaoke bar. We chose because most of the rest of the songs were too new for us to know.

It was fun to do and friends enjoyed.
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