FI3 Intro.


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Aug 7, 2003
Hi All,

I thought I'd introduce myself as I plan on making a few posts.

I've been monitoring the discussions for a few months now and thought I'd jump in.

For those of you who have read the "Your Money or Your Life" (YMOYL) book, you'll recognize that FI3 stands for Financial Intelligence, Financial Integrity and yes, Financial Independence.

You can read the book if you need definitions of the terms.

I don't agree with everything in YMOYL, but I do agree it's important to feel you don't NEED a job. There's a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing (or at least having a reasonable expectation) that if you get fired, laid off or just quit, it's not catastrophe. I also agree it's about getting a life and pursuing what's really important to you.

Who out there has done the nine steps in YMOYL?

Look forward to some intelligent and informative discussions on this forum.

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