FIRECalc rewrite

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New FireCalc

I have not heard anything about the new version of FireCalc for a while and was wondering how it is going? And when it might appear?

I think many of us are interested in seeing how this great tool evolves. :smitten:
I think dory36 is currently busy, relocating his yacht from the Atlantic seaboard to a secure and undisclosed location. Might be a while before he decides to get serious about the rewrite.

Then again, maybe he'll take issue with my statements above and chime in to correct me...
New FireCalc

Sure hope dory36 is enjoying the long trip to "a secure and undisclosed location" and has not fallen into a state of "rendition" :LOL:
Hi everybody!

I've used the trial version of the new FireCalc with two browsers, Firefox and Safari.

I have a Mac, processor is "2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo", Mac OS is 10.4.11. I bought it in August.

I'm having problems with the graphs. I allow cookies (erase when I close the browser), and I use Adblock on some sites but not that one.

A graph appears only after I use the "start here" page. When I go farther and use any other page, like entering my portfolio allocation or making lump sum changes, I get a results page that refers to graphs but has blank spaces except for text about the red line. I also, as I recall, never had graphs type outcomes in the "old" FireCalc, but also got a reference "Here's how your portfolio would look...." with nothing there.

My only talent is reporting what I experienced -- I have no tech abilities!

Also, I have had only two other problems online with this computer. Vanguard keeps giving me error messages saying I don't have Adobe Reader when I do when I try to look at statements online. I get multiple error messages, but everything works. (They know they have that problem with Mac and Adobe.)

And on a blog I frequent often, the graph only appears when you move down the page. If you creep the page back up a bit, the whole graph disappears! Sometimes that means you miss the top part of it.

I'm just curious about what's going on. And I LIKE the new spiffy graphs and want to be able to use them!

Any thoughts?

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kat, it seems to work for me with an older G5 Mac running 10.3.9.

Problems may be more related to the browser than the OS specifically. I'm running Camino (a FireFox variant). If you are using Safari, make sure it is updated, you could try downloading Camino or FireFox, but Safari is a very 'compliant' browser, and *should* be fine.

Maybe close the old window, or make sure you are not blocking pop ups or new windows? The graphs open in new windows, maybe that has something to do with it? Just a guess.

One minor comment on the new form is this: I think the 'Start Here' page should also be labeled with something stating that your portfolio value is entered there. Yes, minor, but it is a bit disorienting once you enter the other pages, and you look to change your portfolio - what page was that on again?

Hi Kat

No graph problems here too using Mac OS 10.4.11, using Safari 3.0.4 on a Powerbook.

I just get the line graphs, though. Dory eliminated the bar graphs in this new version of Firecalc, correct? Or not? Should there be bar graphs on any of the possible results pages?

It's getting curiouser!

One thing I notice is Safari gives me a tiny blue box with a question mark in it, where the line graphs should be. When I select the whole page to copy and then paste it into Text Edit, the graph appears!! So I have it on the Text Edit application/program, but not visible on the Safari page. That trick does not work for me in Firefox, and I learned it accidentally when I wanted to copy the page anyway in Safari.

What's strange is I don't remember doing anything special to the browsers to change anything -- all in default settings except I erase cookies when I close it.

Oh, mine is Safari 3.0.4 too! But I get that tiny blue box with a ? mark.

I love a good mystery!

I went back with Firefox, and as I said, I get the line graphs off the start page. I wasn't getting them later.

I tried something. On the Portfolio page, I get the line graphs if I use the Total Market selection, but I do not get graphs if I choose what I choose: a mixed portfolio.

If I just leave out that mixed portfolio selection, all the pages work fine with graphs!
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I can duplicate that now...


If I just leave out that mixed portfolio selection, all the pages work fine with graphs!

Yes, when I selected 'mixed portfolio' I got no graph. Probably a bug in that section, it may not be OS or browser specific.

Geesh, I wanted a bigger mystery!
It's fixed! Yippee! I love the graphs!
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