FireCalc working?


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Apr 13, 2005
I've been getting error messages for the past half hour, trying to use FireCalc. Any explanation?

I have a Mac and Firefox, if it matters. I have this problem every six months or so.

I'm getting an error, too. dory36 was recently acking about updated returns numbers for 2005, so perhaps he goofed while updating the tables or is currently working on them. Don't know, just guessing.

Here's the error I got by pressing the summary button without changing the defaults:

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a03ea'

Syntax error

/txbbrcom/fire/loadhistory.asp, line 1207

Treas5(2003) =
Yikes! Sorry -- check in 2 minutes...
OK, fixed.

I am trying to update it, as BMJ mentioned, and am still missing some data. I forgot that I have my software set to upload on save, so when I saved part way through, with missing data, the incomplete file was uploaded. That caused the error.

Sorry, all!


I think i speak for many in saying thank you for your services!! ;)
wstu32 said:
dory:  are you updating it?

Yes -- trying to. I am missing PPI inflation data and TIPS yield for 2003-2005,  and dividend yield for the S&P for 1/2005, so the calculations don't include those years yet.

The error you saw a few minutes ago was when I keyed in the variable definitions for 2003 and left an unknown value empty, which caused an error even though the calculations weren't (and aren't) using those variables yet.
Thanks dory, for all you do. It seems to be working fine now!

It works for me too but it doesn't let me take out as much money as I want to. Dory36 needs to keep working until it does!!!!
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