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Apr 8, 2004
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I read an article a few weeks ago about the incredable cost of HO insurance in FL now. I do not recall the amounts involved, but I believe the story quoted an old rate in the hundreds of dollars and a current rate on the same house of thousands! Wow, what an increase!

I used to live in FL and do not recall that my HO premium was much different than NC, NJ, TX or anywhere else that I have owned a home.

If you are a FL home owner, What was your annual premium 5 years ago? What is it now? What was the % of increase?
We have a home in Fla. that we'll be moving to in Nov.

Last year home owners ins. was $800 this year over $1500.

I own a rental home in Broward County and my homeowners went up last year from 700-ish to over 1200.

Where is Getmeouttahere? He owns in Ft. Lauderdale somewhere I think and knows alot!
We went up 7% last year, but don't know what awaits next fall. Led to believe that the Gulf coast may have been hit a little lighter than the east coast, but hurricane season is not over yet.
I live in Palm Beach County. My insurance went from $1,600 a year to $3,700 and my taxes are nearly $8,000. Guess who wants to move.
Up 10% from last year ($600 to $660). Have only had the home 2 1/2 years. Home is ~10 miles west of Disney. Most of the large increases are for homes on the coasts I'm sure.
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