For HaHa, Diamonds From Dirt

Just Got Back.

Will do. I'll prbably try to arrange a trip around the Fourth of July. I have been very happy with my builder. Little talk and lots of action. I am always amazed at how much progress he makes between my visits.

Had a great visit to the mountains this past week. The weather was nearly perfect. Observed fireworks all up and down the river from a high vantage point. The house continues to progress nicely with no major problems. Discovered a few minor issues which the builder promptly corrected. Pictures tell the story.

The Cottage:

The cottage when viewed from nearby hill: (bldg on left)

Interior ready for paint:

The "Lagoon" created by islands in river:

I can hardly wait to get down there again in a few weeks. By that time hardwood will have been laid, the exterior and porches completed and the cabinets installed.
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