Formatting Issues


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Jan 9, 2010
I have been getting a lot of weird code when posting and quoting and my formatting goes away once I submit a post. Smileys don't work, quotes are turned into code. Anyone else having this problem or is it on my end? "quotes" See? There are supposed to be line breaks in here too.
I've had a few random problems like that before. I was a bit more systematic last time in troubleshooting it, and it appears that clearing the browser cache fixed it for me. Try it and see.

My theory is that the cached version of some of those icons get out of sync with whatever they really represent, and then things just don't work.

edit/add: I didn;t try it, but maybe a 'forced refresh' would do it too. (usually means a "Shift-CNTRL-R", rather than just CNTRL-R

It appears to have worked itself out. I had some problems with Java and I also cleared my cookies, history, etc.


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