Forum fill-in slowed by ad servers?


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Feb 22, 2003
I notice sometimes, like just a few minutes ago, that part of say, an index page, will fill in, then halt, then fill in a bit more, halt, etc. and Firefox shows that it is waiting for data from ad server, like "" or something like that.

I really don't know the mechanics of how a multi-sourced web page is dynamically put together, but I often see on this site that ad servers are running slow, and effectively slowing the use of this site, as they stingeley mete out bandwidth to us. Doesn't this seem wrong? Are we at the lowest quality of service for these ad machines?
I don't know the mechanics, but the site has been very slow for at least a week now. Every 4th or 5th time I click something, the page stalls. I have to cancel and reload or it takes forever to render the page. I've seen the same performance issue with Chrome, Firefox, and my Android smartphone. But only this website. I also noticed that when this happens, Chrome says "waiting for such-and-such site." The one I've noticed several times is I hope someone can fix this soon, as using the forum is rather annoying right now. I tried disabling all extensions, including ad blockers, but no change.
I'm glad someone else is seeing the same. I noticed the problem starting about 2 weeks ago. Most pages will not load completely without a manual refresh or two. The need is so frequent I'm getting tired of doing it.
Same here. I have Adblock on Firefox but this site is still full of distracting ads. It loads slowly and I find it very off putting. Is there some way to get rid of the ads? There are 4 right now on the right hand side taking up nearly half the screen space.
Running Chrome 45.0.2454.93 m on Win10 with Ghostery and Adblock extensions, not seein' no stinkin' ads :dance:
I'm seeing the slow response and stalls as others have mentioned for days now. Sometimes I just give up and go elsewhere.

"bScoreCardResearch" is the one I saw last night, saw it again poking along now. Plus the infamous
Adblock will work on any site. You need to subscribe to the right subscriptions or add a given site manually.
I block on my routers firewall, see very little ads here. Some sites seem to have problems loading with the ads blocked
I'm using FireFox with AdBlock and having no problems at all.
Site works great on my computer with Firefox/Adblock. But it hangs frequently on my Android tablet using the Early Retirement App. The hangs started to get much more frequent within past couple of weeks, usually need to hit refresh once or twice and the page will appear.
No script on Firefox works on my desktop machine. Even if you get the add on and set it to allow scripts, its interesting to see how many sites are involved in a page load. This site isn't bad compared to, say, CNN or that ilk.
I am surprised at all the people that use AdBlock. I thought I was one of a few. I also use YesScript.
The slowdown is back, it began again yesterday. Refresh is getting a workout.
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