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Feb 6, 2007
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This week you will see a small change in the address bar of your browser as we move to an all SSL platform. (more reading here:

For a long while now the forum login pages (where password info is passed) have been secure (httpS) but as noted by many, the rest of the site was not. We had delayed updating the entire site because there are thousands of links in posts to offsite images that are not https and those images might break (not display in posts). As those links recede in the rear-view mirror with the passage of time, we're hoping this will not be a major problem for forum readers. Look for the little lock icon in your browser address bar this week. :)

If you are an app user and run into trouble after the update, you may need to remove and reinstall the app.
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It is interesting that you mention broken links to pictures. I run my browser (Firefox) in non-tracking mode. Not incognito, but the next rung down.

A few news web sites detect this and won't let me in. Their loss.

Anyway, only in the last few days I've seen some broken images on this site that obviously work for everyone else, since they are commenting on them. I wonder if the work has started, or if this change may make recent pictures links more problematic?
Are you implementing forced http redirect? If you avoid forced redirect, users will be able to access the site via their choice of http or https, and links won't break.

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