Free CFP financial planning course


Dryer sheet wannabe
Feb 3, 2006
I've seen MIT's OpenCourseware mentioned before here. Basically OpenCourseware is the entire course, less access to the professor. Apparently other universities are getting into the act as well. See here.

UC Irvine has a 20-30 hr basic financial planning course developed with the CFP board that I found to be well done in the limited portion of it that I've worked through.

I think it would be great to recommend to people looking to get a thourough basic orientation to the subject.
I used the College for Financial Planning's education course, and the online portion was but a small part of the overall coursework. I had a separate textbook for most of the 5 courses, but the online portion would be of interest to folks interested in pulling out specific portions for general learning. My boss has paid for mine, but I think the cost for my program was under $3k. Now I'm just sweating the board exam in July.
Awesome. Thank you Dylar!

I've been playing with getting my CFP / CPA credentals . My intrests always fell to finance but was discouraged as a girl from doing math. Yes , that dates me and I was foolish to listen. Now with the kids grown and not anxious go back to my old line of work , (I am degreed in a very "female" line of work ) I wonder if the investment of time and money are worthwhile. (Given my age :rolleyes:) I will be away from internet access for a couple of weeks but I book marked the sites. When I return This will be a great way to test the waters and my resolve.

Can you provide a more specific link or indicate how you got to the financial planning section. I see all the other subjects for the OCW, but not that one.

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