From the fine folks who brought us Awkward Family Photos...

They missed this one....:whistle:


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Yeah, that one says I'm the creepy kid from 4H...and I like the sheep best.:LOL:
I got a good chuckle from those! Many are funny, a few surreal, and this one downright disturbing:
Funny, that photo is the one that convinced me that I didn't need to see any more.

Really, nobody with auburn hair should wear lipstick that color!
They missed this one....:whistle:

Someone please enlarge this photo of the dog and the guy on the motor scooter, and tell me that that's the dog's tail between his legs? Please? Otherwise, that's downright frightening and totally disturbing....:blush:
Did they include the three girls in prom dresses with their chickens? That one was on the regular awkward family photos and was simply awesome.
And of course the naked couple with the furry cats is super cool! One of my favorite sites!
No. 13 has been giving me giggle fits since I saw it yesterday.

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