fund growth simulator?


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Jan 19, 2008
Is there site or utility somewhere where I can do something like:

say that I bought $nnnnn of fund ABC on 1/1/1993,
I haven't touched it since then and dividends were reinvested

it would then show me the growth of that fund from said date to present, including the amount and dates of the dividend distributions? I did grab the fund price history from Yahoo, so I'm just missing the dividends and long & short term cap gains - there must be something out there that can figure this out for me?

I own two funds where I do not have all of the data. I know what I initially bought and when I bought it. I know what it's worth now, but there's a big gap in my record keeping. My records for the past year or 2 are good, but before that... I guess it's not critical that I get that past data, I'm just trying to tie up some loose ends.
Call the fund company. They will give you a schedule of the capital gains and dividend distributions.

If you're funds are Fidelity, they actually have software that will do the whole thing for you.
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