Gender (I'll show you mine, and you show me yours)

11 out of 12. I got the one in leggings wrong because I couldn't see her neck, and I have seen some men make pretty good women............:)
Story of my life:

You got 6 out of 12 right, or about 50%.
You got half of them right, which is the same score you would expect to get if you guessed randomly. (That's not good.)
Alright Popeye with the dirty old man routine! :)
No, silly, figuring out people's gender--I am apparently lousy at online guessing! But don't worry, I'm very sure about yours, Dawgs and CFB's genders.
No questions there, what with those pictures y'all post!
I've been on enough Western Pacific deployments to know that things are not always as they seem. Especially in Bangkok. Most especially in Soi Cowboy.

It's not fair, though, to give us poor shots of Adam's apples and calf musculature. And I think some of those photos were retouched to hide five o'clock shadows.

The only answer I was positive of was the left-hand photo of the third row. Every guy in the world knows that expression doesn't come from guys!
Soi Cowboy is mostly female. Has always been. You must be thinking of Nana and Patpong. Now that's where being a quizmaster really helps ;)
I didn't bother. No matter what gender they were, they would find me too old. Oh, well, back to trolling the nursing home. Hope I guess well there.

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