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Dryer sheet aficionado
Feb 20, 2006
Thanks to everyone here for such a great treasure of information.

DW and I are long time investors, but I see now that our asset allocation is all out of whack and that we need to move stuff around to diversify our position (mostly in large cap growth with some int'l thrown in). I plan to post a question on our diversification in another thread.

To fill in some of the polls I've seen...we're in our mid-30s with 3 young children. Future military retiree, with about a 10-15 year time horizon for retirement.

Happy to be here.
Welcome, AV8!

Good to have you on board. I thought I'd set a new record for welcoming someone within 2 minutes of their first post. We're all about records around here. ::)
Thanks for the warm welcome Sheryl, and I'll try to remember it's all about records here!
AV8 said:
Future military retiree
Welcome to the board, AV8. We have a growing veteran's population who've managed to overcome the programming see the light on really retiring on a military retirement.

I'll catch up with you on the asset allocation thread in the next day or two. As soon as our teenager hauls her sleepy butt out of bed, we're heading for the beach...

Good priorities. I have noticed a lot of veterans, both still "in", and FIRE'd on this board. Thanks for the welcome.


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