Dryer sheet wannabe
Oct 18, 2006
Greetings! -

Hello. It's good to be here. I know this post may belong in the Dreamers section, but what the hey.

Me? 37YO working guy. Dreaming of early retirement, not because my job is that bad (it isn't), but because I much prefer leisure to work.

Again, 37YO, house paid off, 6-figure salary (not trying to brag, just sayin'), 205K in 401K, 110K in mutual funds and such. Married, no kids, don't plan on any. Have a pension plan that will provide something, though I'm trying not to count that. Bottom line: I still got a ways to go, though I guess I'm off to a good start $-wise. Congrats to all those who've found the sunny shores of early retirement. :)
Sounds like you are doing fine. Liking the job is a good thing. A little planning now could have a big difference on the timing and quality of retirement. You're in the right place, although the Dreamers will have some specific ideas, I'm sure.
Welcome to the board, Southpaw-- it sounds like you're on track!

Southpaw said:
Married, no kids, don't plan on any.
Yeah, that's how many of us started our families too...
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