Grey hair: men=hot women=old???????


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Mar 10, 2007
Gray hair makes men look hot and women just look old? WTF!!!
Any opinions on why women with gray hair look like crones and old as per this article:

The Silver Fox? What Women Think About Gray Hair -   MSN Lifestyle: Boomers

Do you think with all the boomers coming up that society will change it's attitudes towards women and gray hair? Or am I destined to just look like an old crone for the rest of my life...unless I reach for the Clairol out of desperation that is?
Now I need a drink.....
part of the same phenomena: men get distinguished and women get old.

To quote my kids "It's not fair!!!"
Yeah, but when our estrogen depletes, we grow a set of balls (and a mustache and goatee, but I digress :D). I've never felt so ballsy and utterly secure with myself in my 45 years on this earth. I wouldn't trade my gray hair (although colored at this point) and my 45 years to be a 20 year old, insecure twit again. Well, maybe the body...but that's IT!
Gray hair makes men look hot and women just look old? WTF!!!
Any opinions on why women with gray hair look like crones and old as per this article:
..uh..Yeah!!! it's because the article was written by a woman, quoting the 'party line' about other women.
Speaking as a male with the gray hair, and well into the fun stage...
Ladies, your silver crown means you have:

the wisdom to be an intelligent and interesting companion
the `savior faire' to enchant and delight in an intimate setting
the independence of thought to offer challenging conversation
and the mark of someone that I truly would like to know.

Please ignore the self serving and biased comments offered by gender neutered individuals that don't understand what a real man wants in a woman.
part of the same phenomena: men get distinguished and women get old.
It's simple, men are ugly, doesn't matter if you are Brad Pitt, you're still
ugly, so getting older doesn't hurt men's looks that much. How ugly can
you get?
Women can't judge beauty, they think if you are thin as a broom stick,
then you are beautiful.
Catherine Zeta Jones - Beautiful, marries Michael Douglas (last time I
saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it), you figure it out.

Definition of porn: There is a naked man in it, otherwise its art.

Any other questions :)
I think that women can look nice with silver hair too - very nice. That's why I don't color mine, hoping that SOME DAY, I too, will look nice in silver hair. I have a ways to go yet. Right now it just is silver enough to make my hair look mousy.:duh: I think I'm going thru mid-life adolescense!

My grandmother used to have BLUE hair, thanks to Clarol's Loving Care...I think that was what it was called. I certainly don't want BLUE hair, but, a nice silver color would be nice. I can't even find that Loving Care stuff anymore and I don't want to become a BLOND.

BTW...male silver foxes....:smitten:
Some women look geat with grey hair some just look old that's why I'll forever be a redhead .
I started going grey at 18, was totally by early 30s. I have been colouring my hair for years and will continue to do so. Probably 5 years ago I decided I had had enough and grey I would be. Went and had the color stripped from my hair and boy seeing myself with grey hair with the remnants of the colour was not a pretty sight. I immediately returned to the chair and told them to cover it up. Some women have beautiful grey hair, I am just not one of them unfortunately.
I bleached the dark brown out of my hair over a year and a half ago: 6 times. I look down a week or so later and thought, "WTF? Dandruff?" Put on my glasses, and nope! It was my hair falling out by the handfuls.
How short? About1/2"-1" on top!
Moral of this story: don't bleach your hair 6 times in a few days unless you want it to fall out.
Thank God I have a sense of humor: hell, it's only hair and will grow back. It did, and now is almost mid-back thanks to fast growing hair and lots of vitamins.
Pretty funny to me still.
I'm still hoping silver AND sexy comes into vogue, tho.....
A woman in my gym has beautiful silvery/white/blonde hair. I asked her if it was the same color mine currently is back when she was my age (she has a good 25-30 years on me)...hers was a bit darker she said, and she is Finnish/Norwegian....please let it be the Norwegian genes! (I am predominately Norwegian and Dutch, so hair is actually really/naturally this dang blonde color) Yes, I have dyed my hair...chestnut brown at 17 and auburn at 19. Never again!

As DangerMouse stated, some women do just have beautiful grey hair!

More and more younger men out there are lusting for "older" chicks! It's ok to age...just try to do it gracefully ;)

Ex hubby had sexy salt & pepper hair...current beau sports the shaved head/goatee look...both work for me! Sometimes older guys with a full head of dark hair is questionable to me.
I'm 52 and have what I call "age appropriate" grey hair. It's predominantly dark brown, with white sprinkled around. But up at the front I have areas that have a lot more white than anywhere else. If they were blond they would look like I had done them deliberately as "highlights".

I have never colored my hair. I don't want to get into a high maintenance routine of coloring and covering the roots. I'll just keep what I have.

Mine started showing a few white hairs at age 28, right after I had surgery. It didn't advance all that much until my forties. Now, in my fifties I don't think it's advancing very much. Or I'm in denial. My husband is also 52 and he has a nice full head of hair. Mostly dark brown with salt mixed in with the pepper. His looks quite good on him as he's always had a young face.

My hair is naturally very curly. I cut it short and wore it curly since age 25 and just last year I got the urge to grow it back. It's now long enough for a ponytail or even a braid. Sometimes I miss the short, curly look but both my sons and husband have said it's nice to see me with a different look so I may keep this a little while longer.
As far as I'm concerned, hair color doesn't play a major role in a woman's attractiveness. Blond, brunette, gray, silver, red, or any combination....long, short, or medium length.....not a concern!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and personality counts for more than outward looks, anyway! And a high net worth counts even more!

A woman could have purple hair with green streaks, and be a real b*tch.....but as long as she's filthy rich and willing to share's a date!!! :D

Seriously though, as long as hair is clean, and fairly well kept, what color it is doesn't really matter (at least in my view)!
I have been struggling with the outward beauty/inward beauty thing.

My ex-wife was -- and still is, at 38 -- gorgeous. But I have finally realized that her beauty warped her personality. In junior high she was the envy of all the good looking and athletic guys, and I was a romantically backwards nerd. I think -- and women I have discussed this frankly with have confirmed the general phenomenon -- that she could be more rude and self-centered in a relationship because the guy of the moment could be (and was) replaced by the next guy in line. So in general I think there are very few exceptions to the "pretty = b*tchy [1], plain = nicer" rule of thumb.

I have deliberately reviewed my list of "if there is a next time" spouse criteria and moved all of the physical/outward attributes down in the list. But I still find, as a guy, my eyes turned and heart rate quickened by the pretty ladies I see in my daily life. Even as my brain is saying, "remember, hot equals trouble", I find myself having to remind myself to look past the looks and get to know the person.

I had been watching "Age of Love" (the show where a 30 year old guy is dating a group of 40 year old women and 20 year old women) and realized that I must be getting older, because although most of the 20 year olds were hot physically, their brains just didn't even seem to be there, and their personalities were very minimal, and their kindness towards others and awareness of the rest of the world were non-existent. I found myself rooting for the 40 year old crowd.

As for hair, I think women with black or dishwater blonde hair can pull off the graying look. Brunettes or redheads would probably have a harder time.

Me personally? I have dark brown (my 7 year old son claims it's black) hair and am overall maybe 1% gray, but I keep it extremely short (#2 clipper) so I think it looks OK. From a female point of view I bet my extra 25 pounds would probably be more of an issue.

I also think that there are different things that specific individuals find attractive or unattractive. Gray hair in a lady wouldn't bother me much. I find I am attracted to women who have strong facial features and have their hair pulled back. I've no idea why, that's just what I like. So, for example, I think Jane Goodall was an attractive lady in her day.


[1] Pardon the French.
There definitely is a double standard....I just love older guys (John Travolta, Nicholas Cage, Al Pacino) because most of them have their lives together and they have more to talk about. I have dated a few guys my age, but I just could not get over their immaturity and lack of planning.
I recently started to get silver strands in my black hair......and that really shocked me. I don't think I will start coloring my hair...I am hoping they will get lost in my thick hair!
I really don't understand why women go through so much torture to look young! I want to be an older woman who just looks comfortable in her skin and has the laugh lines and crow's feet to go along with it. If I could do one thing over again....I may have not gotten as many tattoos as I did!
I'm 62, but look younger in the face (45 or so); which is WHY I want my formerly black hair to stay silver now. Girlfriends who don't know me well say things like, "If you would just dye your hair, you would look around 45." Well, I don't want to look younger. Been there. Done that.
I've been single for years, and dated my fair share (and yours, too) of younger guys. Been there, done that, too.
Looking for someone around my age now. The younger guys--although a blast--were ultimately too immature, too boring in general to keep around very long. Just too little in common to keep it up usually. Just my opinion.
So, I want to look older and closer to my age. When I start dating again, surely, I will find ONE guy around my age who has gone thru the younger woman phase and wants to go back to a female his age again. I just need ONE, please.
Cheer up girls, hair colour for men is now the norm, or at least acceptable. I see it all the time. For example, septuagenarian Rupert Murdoch, who just bought Dow Jones, colours his hair brown.
First, I know a silver haired older woman in my building who is stunning. Really.

But generally, I think it's a product of adaption of the species.
Think about roles in a soceity through human development, and how genes are passed along to the next generation in terms of what favors a social group more in the long run. I wont' get into specifics here, seems too blunt for a FIRE forum :)

how genes are passed along to the next generation in terms of what favors a social group more in the long run.

Old genes from male not better: Blackwell Synergy - Cookie Absent

Also, I can't find it now, but there was another article that hypothesized that genes from an older father can be a detriment to offspring. They showed that many issues that were previously thought to only be an issue with an older mother could also be attributed to an older father. Yet another reason why us first-born are the smartest :D
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