Happy 7th Anniversary E-R.org!

Any other current/former members of the MF Retire Early board,or Intrcsts board?

Yup. Although my MF REHP handle is an old one I no longer use. I used it here for a while, left for a while, and then rejoined under this nom du plume.

When someone asks us who our FA is, we say, e-r.org. We would not be ER'd today without this board--from running numbers for a couple of years on Firecalc to reading real people's (well, Internet real, anyway :) ) experiences to It's Funny Joke Tuesday!, what a great site with all personalities and perspectives represented.

And I believe there are lots of unmoderated websites out there--most of them have a hard time keeping their membership, but they're out there for those who enjoy that.
Just checked and I started in July 2003, and retired March 08,seems like a long time ago. I remember MF and migrated here for sanity, humor and good advice. This is the longest I have seen a non commercial site flourish. Only other place I go for good advice is The Economist magazine, had a subscription for that for 30+ years.
What a wonderful site, realy come to appreciate the regulars here, even got to meet T-Al on one of his adventures.
Now, if my ER fizzles, who do I blame?
I had a webtv and a slow mo dial up line back then.

heh heh heh - Found it after finding the The Retire Early Homepage. :cool:
This forum has been a great teaching tool for me. Primarily in the financial posts. Mercifully I missed the great ***** pontifications, though I did find some in Google searches on RE.

Thanks to all financial wizards. On other topics I'm as capable spewing drivel as anyone.:D
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