Health Insurance Dilemma

I looked up the number it is $20,440 x 4 = $81,760 is 400% FPL in 2025. The year 2024 ACA is $19,720 x 4 = $78,880. House size 2.

Not understanding you.
For 2024:
1 $15,060 $60,240
2 $20,440 $81,760

for 1 person, 400% FPL is $60k, for 2 people, it is near the $83k.
If you rarely go to the doctor and don't have much passive income, then the ACA is awesome.
This is us, but you never know what is coming soon. There is a lot of discuss about engineering your "income" to optimize the cost of ACA. I had a friend in Tyler, TX who got a hip replacement for zero. Not sure how, but he was on ACA at the time. He's on Medicare now... Tyler has a nursing college there, so maybe more options?

I'd personally try it first before giving judgment... You can always go back to the old ways.
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