hello,  i am   zuki,  

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looked around a little but still not sure which thread topic to start in.

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Hello Zuki,

What's your intrest? Alreadr ER? Or just in the planning stages? Either situation will have much to gain from studying the posts.

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Or tell us a bit about yourself, and see where that thread leads.

Welcome to the club!

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okay, put on your helmet :D

i was considering changing careers as my current job lacks advancement for those not in a click.

so i was thinking of all things........insurance :eek:

but wondered if it cost franchise fee's or pyramid type fee's like amsoil/amway/or any entrepenurial (spelling?)
fee's, where i would still be stuck with a boss no matter what.

not sure how to stretch my pension or put my retirement account to work for me in any way ( deffered comp)
i was thinking, pull it out and buy land and make money that way.

but as you see, making choices with emotions is not as smart as someone outside looking in has the ability to see disasters

i can go on if you like :p :confused:
Re: hello,  i am   zuki,  

i was considering getting a credit card cash advance
Re: hello,  i am   zuki,  

i was considering getting a credit card cash advance
Credit cards generally help you avoid any temptation to retire early! ;)
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here was my pretzel logic.

buy what i needed then repay before the end of the month .

i wanted something and now decided to wait.

i really could use some guidance on my other topics.

cut throat helped me some.

but i need deeper time consuming help.

thank you
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I have no experience selling insurance, but unless you consider yourself a great salesperson, I wouldn't do it. Selling is selling. Personally, I am a terrible salesperson. I'm told it requires charisma, charm, and persuasiveness -- all genes I lack.

Land as an investment? The fundamental thing that you need to understand about land is that it's just a bunch of dirt. Its only instrinsic value is to keep other dirt from moving around. On top of that, it's illiquid. (No pun intended.)

Getting a credit card cash advance? Fine, if you can do it with no fees and pay it back with no interest. Read the fine print. Most likely, there are fees.

And always keep this is mind whenever you see somebody here crowing about ER: we're all really thinking "wow, getting a salary for just showing up to work was *much* easier than trying to generate the same income from our nest-egg."
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Ditto what Wabmester said.

Sales is a funny business. Those who basically take orders for what people were going to buy anyway usually work for paychecks that aren't very exciting. They often work in retail shops. Nothing wrong with that, but it is a different business altogether from the sales involved where the customer had no intention of buying, or was reluctant to do so. The salespeople in that situation either starve (if they aren't any good at it, or don't work at it) or really do well. Most sales of high ticket items (tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars) would fall into this category.

Buying land is like buying stocks. As Will Rogers is reported to have said, "buy stocks that go up. If they don't go up, don't buy them." If you know in advance that the value of the land is going to go up, and neither the seller nor any other potential buyer has this knowledge, then maybe you can do something quite profitale with land, but most of us are not in that situation. (I told Martha Stewart she should have stayed with the land deals...)

As far as I know, every credit card that allows cash advances also charges interest from the day of the advance, not from the end of the month, like they do with purchases.

A good starter book on where to put money is Andrew Tobias's "The only investment guide you'll ever need".

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a friend/relative i met with today, said he was considering changing insurance agents.

so i posed the same question to him as i did to a girl i also know.

here is the question............

would you buy insurance from me ?

answer after a long pause ......................

i don't need insurance.

so i said, you just told me you were thinking of switching from farmers.


that is because i am not happy with them.

the girls reply.......... i already have insurance.

so i thought....... w t f ? :confused:

what i am not hearing or saying?

by the way.

which thread should i go over to?

thank you
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