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Oct 17, 2010
Love this forum!

I am 54, hub is 56, and we are thinking of retiring no later than April 2012. I have a large bonus that is paid in April, as well as stock options that vest (and are very low priced) so timing to take advantage of those sources of income.

We have about 1.4M and I have run firecalc a number of times. We both have been low 6 figure wage earners so our SS numbers are good, even if they end up delayed.

Our only wild card is college is my husband's youngest kid (Jr in HS). We are encouraging her to attend a university in Canada which is excellent and will save us 20K per year. Her dad will never say no, so if she chooses another one that costs 50-55K he will have to keep working. Sort of a shame, but that is up to him.

My date is set!
Our main post work plans are related to travel and some house projects. We are setting aside a chunk of money for these (not including them in the calculations) so that we will not chicken out. We both love travel. First few trips include 3-4 weeks Aus/NZL, drive to Alaska (from Boston area), and extended latin america trip. Projects include remodeling the master bath ourselves (except plumbing and electrical) and leveling an area of our property to increase the yard size and resale value.

After we settle down from these projects we want to do a lot of volunteer work. Hub is researching these opportunities.
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