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May 6, 2007
Hello everyone. My name is Sean, married, 2 kids ages 10 & 6. We live in Portland, Oregon...beautiful part of the world but not cheap. I am 42 (ask me again in a few weeks) and was planning on retiring at 55 until I started reading this board and was inspired to look at things a little differently.

My projections show that I am FI at 49/50. There is a ton of great information on these boards so I have a new project to refine my projections to ensure they are accurate.

I wanted to share my impressions of this board, you are probably aware of most of this but figured a new perspective is always helpful.

First, the hijacking of Retirement Expenses to Barbeque Sauce aside there are some very sharp minds related to the subject matter on this forum. I usually take comments with a grain of salt at most discussion boards but have found that most comments at least to be genuine and not rooted in ego. Refreshing!

Second, I am impressed with the candid nature of the discussions. There is a lot of very personal information shared with members, and again, my sense is that it is not done to boast or to "one up" the next guy. I have found this information especially useful because it is from likeminded individuals, not someone wanting to sell me something or from "experts" in the field of financial planning, etc.

Third, it is wonderful to have so many participants that have FIRE'd to share their experiences with those of us that are still planning. There is tremendous value to learn from the mistakes and successes of those that have the experiences, and not just someone claiming to know.

Anyway, my impressions during the past 4 weeks are that you have a wonderful community of honest, sincere, caring, and likeminded folks eager to share, learn, and discuss Early Retirement. I am glad I found this forum and looking forward to the journey.
Welcome to the forum. You have the right idea copy success and learn from any mistakes.
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