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Jul 19, 2004
Hello, :D

Been reading posts here (and on REHP and MF) for a while, so I thought I would start to contribute a little.

My wife and I are working hard towards THE ABILITY to retire early. We both enjoy our respective occupations (most of the time) so it is not a desperate urge to quit work altogether that is driving us. What does drive us is the desire to wind down a little and quit the 6 day, 65 hour working week. So maybe in that respect we are a little different. Regardless, the goal is the same, to be Financially Independent and have the choice of whether to work or not.

I will post some of our stories, plans and details on the appropriate board for feed back and discussion and I hope to contribute what I can to the debates around here.

Looking forward to talking with you all!!


;) ;) ;)
Welcome aboard the board Simon888. You and the missus may be unique in that I haven't seen any posters here who EVER said they like to work! There may have been a few.

Probably closer to the truth is that all of us like to do some kind of work. Just not the jobs we are in now or retired from.

I'd be out tomorrow if I could find a buyer for my laser biz. Too nichey. But you are right on about the choices FI brings. So sock it away wisely and if the missus likes to work... hmm.
There's a wonderful mental shift in the brain - when you know your investment income line is north of of your expense line (ala YMOYL). Then 'work' can be 'something you happen to get paid for', a hobby, a passion or whatever you chose to label it.

Worked with a retired Air Force buddy for twenty years and when things got 'grippy on the job' - his favorite buck up was - This is so much fun, if they didn't pay me, I'd have to buy a ticket to come watch!

ER is great - but FI can be almost as good.
Hi BUMwannaB and unclemick!!
Thanks for the warm welcome.

Agree with the sentiments and while I said we both like our occupations, we could easily trade them in and / or wind them down!! I guess we are lucky in that we now both have jobs we quite enjoy and are quite good at, so that takes some of the sting out of getting out of bed at 6am for 6 days a week. But you make a good point in that the mental shift to working / doing a day time activity that you choose and enjoy and do for reasons other than paying the bills is the ultimate goal and joy of FI.

That's the aim guys!
Keep your eyes on the prize. BTW I get up before 6 am with no sting at all . Best time of the day. Maybe some stink but no sting. Being semi retired on my days off I wake up with nothing to do and go to bed accomplishing only half of it.


Getting up at 6am is not so tough for me, but I do remind myself that some day (and that day is getting nearer) that I will be up at 6am to go swimming or for brisk walk along the shore before heading back for breakfast with the family instead of heading out the door to be riding the desk by 8am. Although I mostly enjoy my work, I would enjoy it more if I only did half as much!

Sometimes I even get up at 5 (or earlier like today).
But, I'm usually back in bed by 6 :)

John Galt
Mr D (spelled Dawg) hits my side of the bed at 5:30, 6:00 at the latest with wet nose or paw - get up, put on two kinds of coffee and go out for his morning wize and playing ball. Come back drink coffee, surf the net - like now and decide if anything needs doing today. Always get a 30-45 minute nap in - heavy ER makes a refreshing nap mandatory. Usually go to bed around ten - watch Charlies Rose for an hour.
Someone wanna take a picture of what 6am looks like?

I've completely forgotten.

I just got up early at 11 today. Yawn.
Hey TH,

You're going to see 6AM soon enough and often... How's the pregnancy going? Good, I hope.


Hey TH Congrats on the impending new arrival.

You will not just be seeing 6am, but likely 2am and a few 4am's for good measure.

Our little one is nearly 6 months now and is, IMHO, the greatest treasure in life. Good luck to you and partner for the remainder of the pregnancy and beyond.

OMG! Congrats to all you new parents and nearly - new parents and more power to ya'! I'm impressed that new and young parents are thinking about ER !

My kids are all grown. To me a bundle of joy is full bait bucket.
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