Hello from MD- 44 year old single mom


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Mar 30, 2008
Hi All:

I found this forum while surfing for overseas retirement options. I am a single mom, have two boys who are 16 and 12. After I get them out of college and on their own I would love to retire somewhere in Central America-- I think! I am in the "seaching phase" of all this.

Would be cool to hear what others are doing.

Hi Ceci and welcome.

You will find lots of good information here. I know that there are others who are thinking the same way on this forum. DW and I prefer to get back to the states to RE...we are in Asia on assignment.

BTW, why central america?

Welcome. You will find lots of helpful advice here. I'm single dad with two kids near the ages of yours. I'm thinking get them through college then settle near whereever they end up. What makes you think about Central America?
RE: Hello from MD

Hi R and Growing_older;

Thanks for the welcome. You both asked me why Central America... :)

I love the water and want to be near it, and a good friend of mine, actually college roommate from eons ago, owns a company that specializes in retiring overseas. She and her husband recommend a bunch of places and a lot of them are in Cent. America, mostly for cost of living, getting the most for your investment $$ etc.

Welcome! I'm staying put here in MS. But I do plan to travel more as time goes on. Probably spend a few weeks in the mountains to escape the late summer heat.
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