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Dryer sheet wannabe
Jul 18, 2002
I'm 47 and looking to retire just as soon as I can. I work in the high tech field and I'm very glad to have been saving money since I was 25. The various calculators say I'm really close to FI, but I worry about health insurance. Also, I worry that I have correctly calculated my financial needs for retirement.


On the topic of "how much will I need" -- obviously, if you change your lifestyle by travelling more, etc., there will perhaps be a financial impact.

However, to maintain your current lifestyle, here are some things that will reduce your expenses from today's spending:
  • No more commuting; perhaps one less car, cheaper insurance, etc.
  • No more work clothes, less dry cleaning, etc.
  • No more work lunches
  • Much reduced taxable income, so much reduced taxes]
  • No more savings for retirement, through 401k, Social Security, and after-tax savings
You'll have to go through your own figures, but I'll bet you'll find that your current lifestyle costs you no more than half your gross pay.

Good luck!

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