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Jun 3, 2008
Hi I am Tommy from Queens, NY. Ive been lurking but this is my first post. Here are the basics about me to be discussed in greater length in another post.

Civil Service job
Live with mom
Salary: 40k(will increase to 70's in 5 years)
Expenses: $750/month
debt: $0 :)
Savings 5k in savings acct
Hi Tommy, and welcome to the forum! Great job on the debt. And great savings rate -- you'll quickly build up net worth that way.

If you don't mind saying, who do you work for? Feds? The city?

Where you from Tommy?
I'm from Woodside originally.

Staying with mom can be painful sometimes, but it'll help your finances for sure. I put away what I would have paid for rent when I lived with my folks & used it for downpayment on a house later on.

Good luck.
Live with your mom until you can buy a house, assuming she doesn't mind.

Here in Europe family bonds are strong and it is very common for children to live with their parents until they can buy their first place. It's not looked down upon at all here, like in the States. Here your parents would smack you upside the head for wasting money on rent instead of staying with them and saving.
Hi Tommy -

I have a couple of friends working for the city, it has a fantastic retirement plan. And although 62 may not seem like ER from your perspective, it certainly qualifies and will definitely seem early 40 years from now.

The problem, if you want to call it that, is the retirement package becomes its own set of golden handcuffs... there's no leaving early once you've put in some time there. THe value of those benefits you get at 62 is immense.

Welcome to the forum!
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