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Apr 21, 2013
Greetings all, I'm new here and I am looking forward to learning and contributing. I am 56 and will be semi-retiring at the end of 2013. At that point I will be leaving Southeastern Arizona (too hot!) and moving to Bozeman Montana (my idea of good weather). My goal there is to spend most of my time building split bamboo fly rods, fly fishing for trout and cross country skiing. I have a house in Bozeman where about 90% of my belonings are and a place here in Arizona that is currently for sale. I am planning to find some work in MT but right now that's not were my focus is. We'll see how it goes....
We are planning to spend some time each winter someplace warm, the house in AZ will be sold so we will have a little more fredom to travel.
Welcome from the Chiricahua Mountains, I moved from 1200 ft low desert to 4500 high desert. We have friends in town who summer in MT, he teaches fly fishing for LL Bean. Good luck with your journey.
Welcome to the board. I just found it myself a couple of weeks ago. It sounds like you have a great semi-retirement plan. Good luck in Montana and your home sale in AZ. We've had ours on the market for a year, with no bites so I understand the stress of selling. We're still in a buyer's market here in NC.
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