"Hi, I am" needs a "Read this first" post?


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Oct 6, 2004
I think the "Hi, I am" board needs a "Read this first" post. It can say a few things about how to post. The largest issue I have is #1 below, but all of them are certainly applicable to many of the posters. I'm thinking something like:

1. Please make the subject of your post something unique. "Hi", and "Hi there" gets quickly lost in all of the other posts. Something like "Hi from Ceberon" is ok. The best would be something descriptive, such as: "40 year old Mother of 4 wants to learn more", or "Young student just opening my first accounts"

2. Post as much information as you feel comfortable with. Specifically your income, age, assets, expenses, desired retirement age, children, spouse, etc. The more information given, the more replies you will get. If you say you have $900,000 in assets and you want to know if you can retire, you will not get many good responses. If you explain that you're 45, you have $900,000 in assets, are single, spend $35k per year, etc, you will find your responses are much more interesting.

3. After introducing yourself and if you have more questions, post your follow-up questions on a different board (Young Dreamers, Fire and Money, etc). You will get better responses than from the "Hi" board.
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