Hi, I am sunflower


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Aug 21, 2013
East saint louis
Hi my name is sunflower Iam new to this website I would like for
members to help me; if they can I would like to retire early but I need
more credits; how can I gain more credits than I have now so that I can
retire early at age 62; Iam 57 this year and would like to retire in the year
2016. thank you sunflower.
Welcome to the forum. Are you referring to Social Security Credits? If so, I think the only way you get those is by working longer....


If I've made an incorrect assumption, please let us know what kind of credits you're referring to and I'm sure someone will have an answer.
thank you for your answer jclarksnakes and SumDay I will try to work longer and maybe I can retire early. sincerely new member sunflower.
Welcome to the board.

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