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Jan 19, 2006
Like others, I have been reading the posts over time but decided to jump in--now that I am close to retirement.

I basically lived my life backwards, having plenty of $$$ until middle-age, losing it, and having to start over in my mid 40's.  I can't really complain, I didn't start work until I was 34 and got to travel to over 50 countries when I was younger and had all the required toys--cars, boats, and an airplane.

Now I'm approaching 62 in a couple of months and will probably take early SS.  I do have a couple of questions about that, but I will post them in another category.

Great forum...
It has got to be tough to start over in your 40s and still be able to retire at 62. Welcome to the board!
Hi Martha, thanks for the welcome.

Starting over certainly was a challenge with a lot of obstacles.  Fortunately, I was able to make a slow, but determined, comeback.  Looking back, most, if not all, of my earlier financial problems could have been avoided with a more conservative approach--less investment based on leverage and speculation. In fact, I am now a big proponent of being debt-free throughout life--a la Dave Ramsey.

Well, now I am almost there and am looking forward to my first check from Uncle Sam in May.  It's about time he stepped up to the plate.  :)

Welcome to the board. Nice to have some new blood here.

I understand the starting over in your 40's. Been there done that myself. Starting over with a negative NetWorth and getting to early retirement took a lot of planning and a lot of luck; some of it was not so good but I am FI now and will ER again as soon as DW can.
Welcome to the board, eriter. Nice application of the "backwards" metaphor!
been quite a bit of discussion about the 62 or full retirement age on social secuity. don't know how to send you to those discussions, one way is to go to search function and put in "social security 62" and a number of the discussions will come up.
all of the points, pro and con, for each side seemed to be made.
I'm a ways off, but have been thinking about the same thing.
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