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Aug 29, 2006
Murrells Inlet
I just turned the big 6-0 last month and have been lurking for quite a while. Actually, my bride looks at it daily and that's how I became acquainted. My life can be summed up in a Jimmy Buffet verse: "Made enough money to buy Miami but I...", well, you know the words. Became a hater of debt two years ago and shed a whole bunch of it, and woke up one morning realising I just might be able to retire before I am 102. My work colleagues are concerned that I am "lightening up" a lot, and my 87 year old mother (who still has a full time job by choice) is agast that I am even considering ER. All that hippie influence in the 60's don't you know.

I am looking forward to participating and learning from you guys and gals. It seems to me that the ER philosphy is as much as what is really important in a retirement lifestyle as it is to accumulating wealth.

I will pull the trigger the moment this house is paid off, hopefully in less than three years.
Capt C,
Welcome. If your mom is any indication, you've got lots of years to enjoy after you hang up the spurs.
Hi Cap'n. You may want to change your moniker after you see the degree of curmudgeonhood this board. We even have women curmudgeons.  :)

Capt Curmudgeon

How about a more optimistic name now that you are optimistic about your RE potential!
Positive thinking works.
Capt C: Don't listen to all these yea-sayers; curmudgeonhood is an honorable state of being... 8)
Thanks for the advice , guys, but in all due respect I need to keep the name. It was given to me by boat mates I shared many hours with recreational diving and fishing offshore South Carolina. Something to do with my sparkling personality. It also became my VHF radio handle.

Dex does have a point, though: Thoughts of the future definitely brings a smile to my face now!
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