Home Exchanges - Any Experiences?


Dryer sheet wannabe
Jun 17, 2005
There are programs where you can exchange your home for a few weeks to a few months with someone else in another city. This would save on vacation costs. Does anybody have any experiences with these sort of programs?
I signed up with one once, and almost agreed to a swap going to Paris, I think. Can't remember for sure, but things came up and I was unable to go. However, I did talk with a number of people on line that have done it, and they had nothing but good things to say about their exchanges.

They have various on line companies that do this. You have to sign up with one of them and then you can post your home with pictures and you can talk to different people on the beoards about their experiences if you want to like I did. It is really cool! I plan on doing it when I retire - IF I CAN EVER RETIRE. Want to take my son to Norway.
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