How many cars per driver in your household?

How many vehicles per driver in your household?

  • None

    Votes: 2 0.7%
  • Less than 1 (e.g., 1 car for 2 of you)

    Votes: 46 16.0%
  • 1

    Votes: 120 41.7%
  • Between 1 & 2 (e.g., 3 cars for 2 of you)

    Votes: 49 17.0%
  • 2

    Votes: 33 11.5%
  • more than 2

    Votes: 38 13.2%

  • Total voters
Probably sounds silly but we have three for two of us . Both of us have cars less than three years old and I have an old Highlander . There is something about an old beater .
We have two for the two of us. Both bought new in 2001.

2001 Silverado for me - 101,000 miles
2002 Trailblazer for DGF - 67,000 miles

Neither of us drives over 5,000 miles per year so qualify for senior emissions exemptions.
Now and for the foreseeable future, .5 to 1, 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe.

Last year sold the 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 and 2016 Sprinter van RV which served as local transportation when needed.

DW and I should be fine with one vehicle for a while... for a few years when the three kids were 10 and under (late 1990s) we had a single vehicle. I guess we were .2 to 1 at that point.
One car (Jeep) for the two of us. Saves us an absolute PILE of money every year not having a 2nd vehicle. Neighbors of ours did it first and made it work, or we may have never tried ourselves.
This has fluctuated a bit in the last two months.

2 months ago we had 3 drivers at home (and a carless kid at college) and 3 cars
- my subaru forester,
- DH's 95 Dodge Ram PU that he brought to the marriage - mostly used by HS age son.
- my dad's old 97 Toyota Tacoma PU that DH used when the subaru or the dodge wasn't available.

We decided to sell the Toyota because it was crappy on gas, had value that we were not appreciating (tricked out 4x4 with all the cool 4x4 stuff), and it was going to need work in the future. Sold it. Now we were down to 3 drivers 2 cars. Decided DH deserved a new car - so we started figuring out what he wanted.

1 week later - DH is driving the Ram when he's broadsided by someone running a red light. Now we have 1 car 3 drivers.

We accelerate the purchase of DH's new Toyota Rav4. Now we have 2 cars, 3 drivers.

Realize that with son's work and school schedule we need a third car - so we buy a used 1999 F150 for cheap.

Older son comes home from college. Now we have 4 drivers 3 cars.

Older son may not 'stick' at college. (Still waiting on grades, but it doesn't look good...) If he stays home the terms are that he goes to community college and gets a j-o-b!!!! So he'll need a car... we'll be shopping for a used cheap car on craiglist again.

Cars are expensive to own... insurance, maintenance, etc... DH and I have talked about once the kids are launched, and we've downsized to a walkable/public transit neighborhood, we'll be dropping down to one car.
An old thread come back to life. LOL. So I'll update.

Currently have 4 cars 4 drivers. But we're hoping to turn that into 3 cars 4 drivers. Our two sons are in college.

During Covid DH talked me into selling the Subaru. So he and I have been sharing the Toyota Rav 4.

The beater 1999 Ford F-150 is going strong. Younger son loves it. It's currently his ride, but we pay for maintenance and insurance. He can haul surfboards, band equipment, etc.

After BIL died, we bought his frankenstein'd 2000 Dodge Ram van (BIL had built a custom tall roof so it's tall enough to stand inside). We outfitted it for camping and painted it like the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. We are considering selling it later this year after our August camping trip.

Older son needed a vehicle so we bought a used Subaru. New by our family standards as it's a 2005. LOL. We are trying to talk him into going carless when he starts at Cal Berkeley this fall... he is resisting. His apartment will be walkable to campus with a grocery store en-route... so a car is not needed... We'll see...

So current status is 4 cars 4 drivers. But that may change to 2 cars 4 drivers this fall.
1 car 2 drivers since 2010, but this past 4 years DW has decided that her eyes are too unstable and has stopped driving entirely.
3. One car, one pickup, one Suburban.
Highly modified 1995 Audi S6 (manual) and a modified 2001 A6 (auto) for me. 2000 F350 4x4 and a 2015 Sonic RS 6 spd manual for a tow vehicle and for running around. DW drives what ever she wants but generally not the S6
I have a trail bike motorcycle, a pickup truck with a camper on it, a SUV and my wife has a small sedan.
The truck gets about 5,000 miles a year, the motorcycle 1,000 and the SUV and sedan 30,000 each. Truck and motorcycle were paid off over 10 years ago.
We just made a big change yesterday. DH has never enjoyed driving and has driven less and less over the last few years. We sold his truck yesterday. Later this summer we will replace my car with an SUV that we can both drive, knowing that I will do most of the driving. Our garage has extra room!

Worst case planning, we can always buy another car later if this does not work out. So far he seems relieved not to have to worry about a vehicle. I am 65, he is 69.

So 1 car for two people.
Another blast from the past. ;)

We’ve been 1 car for 2 people since 2000. DH doesn’t care to drive and I don’t mind. It’s been great!
Well, we're down to 1 car for 2 people but we have a car both places we live (so, technically, that's 2 cars for 2 people but they're 5000 miles away from each other.) You figure it out. :cool:
Another blast from the past. ;)

We’ve been 1 car for 2 people since 2000. DH doesn’t care to drive and I don’t mind. It’s been great!
That describes us too. I don't mind driving at all. I like to listen to podcasts when I am driving around town. DH seems very happy to be my passenger.
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