How much of your net worth does your home represent?

How much of your net worth does your home represent?

  • Less than 5%.

    Votes: 16 5.5%
  • Equal to or more than 5%, but less than 10%.

    Votes: 66 22.6%
  • Equal to or more than 10% but less than 20%.

    Votes: 104 35.6%
  • Equal to or more than 20% but less than 30%.

    Votes: 55 18.8%
  • Equal to or more than 30% but less than 40%

    Votes: 18 6.2%
  • Equal to or more than 40% but less than 50%.

    Votes: 9 3.1%
  • Equal to or more than 50%.

    Votes: 6 2.1%
  • "Other" - - I don't have a main home, I rent, or I just need an "other" category for whatever reason

    Votes: 18 6.2%

  • Total voters
7.5%, no SS or pension.

How do you add Social Security to your net worth since NW is usually assets on hand minus liabilities? Do you take the SS amount and multiple by 25-30 (years)?
As MichaelB says, it's a net present value calculation. You can make a column of numbers in Excel and do an =NPV on it.

Yea, but none of those links have an online calculator, afaict. It would be an easy thing to write. Maybe I'm just missing it, but I looked the other day (I googled it myself without the smart alec-y lmgtfy), and didn't find a calculator.

Simple. It's the NPV of the pension cash flow between two dates - when you start and when you stop. All you need are the two dates and a discount rate. :)
But we all would need to agree on the same discount rate and the same CPI inflation rate. Both of those are needed since some of us have a LONG time until 70.
Congrats on a house coming with the wife, unclemick! :D

Yep. Not only is she way better than I deserve her taste in housing (!922 Craftsman Airplane Bungalow) exceeds mine by a mile(1960 3 bedroom, 1 bath ranch).

heh heh heh - Speaking of Thousand Oaks thru my career every Aerospace engineer I met who spent time in CA either lived in or spent time in Thousand Oaks (1960's, 70's). :cool:
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