How to avoid email link in post?


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May 28, 2006
west coast, hi there!
I noticed that when I post there is a little email icon attached which allows my email address to become public. I've checked the box "Hide email address from public?" in the profile but this icon still appears.

How to I get rid of it? I don't mind forum users emailing me but don't want to get on spam lists.

If you checked the hide email address box it shouldn't be visible to anyone else...other than to you and the moderators. If I'm not logged in it isn't visible, so I think it's working as advertised.
I'm logged in and I can't see your email address. It shows me "hidden" for your email address.
OK, thanks Justin and REWahoo. Seems to me that to avoid confusion the email icon should not be visible to me either (I'm not going to send email to myself) but I can live with this little quirk.

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