Confused about dryer sheets
May 30, 2008
greetings and salutations to all. 54 year old married male here. I have found myself in the situation of having all cash in my investment portfolio, and am now looking at my options for investing. My wife is allready retired and drawing her pension, and I will start drawing mine in 3 years- woooohooooo!!!! I was buying and selling stocks useing The motley Fools newsletter Stock Advisors. I chickend out last Nov- saw a good %gain and took it. Also rolled out a money purchase pension plan to an IRA act as I didn't like the outfit I was with. so now Im sitting on cash and am nervous about getting in. Everything is in Money markets right now. Such a deal. ya worry about having it in and then you worry about having it out. hahahahaha. Well Im looking around, trying to chart a reasonable course!!! any ideas gladly accepted!! thanks-Clark

I’m in a similar position; only I bailed out of most stock funds in July-Aug. ‘07 (after accumulating for about 35 years); but kept only 4% of NW in a large cap stock fund, a lot in Ginne Mae’s, some in a zero coupon bond fund that is now mid-term, some in CDs at 5.35%, a bit too much in money market, some regular savings and some in checking accounts but will start drawing down in September. (I've never been this bearish before!)

My feeling is that it doesn’t matter where the stock market is when I get back in; I plan to chunk small amounts in as if I’m a new investor until I reach my new target allocation, 25% stock funds to start (now age 61). FIRE Calc says 25% in stocks is enough for me.
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