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Sep 8, 2004

At 41 I was given a full medical leave from my company, I get ssdi and payments from them. Total about 3200$ a month. I also get very low cost medical insurance. I have a wife and 2 kids. My wife works at a college so all the kids college is paid for if they wanna go?. I have a 300K home that I got a 10 year mortgage on. I owe about 65k. I have about 150K in stock and 50K in bonds and a work saving plan worth 50 K and 20 k in cash.
I work very part time 1-2 hour/week. I really cant work full time or Ill lose my SS .I REALLY DONT WANT TO!
In the last 5 years of my working career I kept thinking about my retirement counting the days. Well now it is here! I couldnt be happier! I want to travel more but I have a huge ball and chain wife and kids. So I am kinda stuck here. This is a great web site. It uses common sence for money management .
I have always been a saver my parents where brought up in depression era NYC. They had to be . I get it from them. I am always looking for the best deal saving a few bucks here and there and really adds up!
I go to the gym 5 days a week takes about 1.5 hours a day
want I really want to do is sail the waters around the bahamas! thats my next goal
In the last few days I have heard the wife and kids referred to as "resource hogs" and "the huge ball and chain". While I understand the feelings, we all have our crosses to bear, and after all, I assume no one forced
you into your situation. I made my choices and would
guess you all made yours. That said, I feel a bit stuck myself. The kids are grown, but my folks are still here
and our role reversal (me taking care of them) is almost
complete. This is one area (family) where I find it
impossible to be blase' (See, I do have a heart :) ).
I have my own dreams, but I just can't abandon
my family (either generation) to go off and indulge myself. Thus, the search for a happy compromise

John Galt
My wife and kid on the way aint no ball and chain. They're the people I get to spend the next chapter of my life with now that I've closed the chapter of work behind me.

And I get to spend ALL of my time with them, and bask in that joy.

Since you recently posted that you faked your medical condition that allows you ER, you might want to take some of that ER free time and reflect on how you're living your life.

Having a ball and chain family does not reflect well on your family, how rude to refer to them as that. Take a good long hard look at your morals and what is important to you (Other than your own desires) and maybe rearrange your priorities and do some things for other people.

You don't look like a stand up guy in your writings.
Ah, he fooled me...he used a slightly different handle with the post about his faked medical "condition". I was going to say something about how a guy with a problem that prohibits his working can do all these highly active things.

Now that the connection is made, I see the obvious connection to the wife and kids comment.

You sir, are a leech and a foul person. I fart in your general direction. Now be off with you before I taunt you a second time.
You disparage your own family.  You fake an injury to milk the system for a free ride causing us to finance your sloth.  Then you come on here and crow about the accomplishment.

If I knew the particulars of your case and knew that everything you wrote to be the truth I'd be on the phone to the proper authorities in a split second.

You have not retired early.  You have commited fraud.
You have cost us all money. Our medical and insurance costs go up with your dirty deeds. We have worked and saved, planned and some of us work part time. Shame on you.
Man, I've seen people lose it before, but you are ridiculous motay. I noticed you just signed in on the 8th, so I hope your last post was your grand finale. Good riddance!
Very nice. The ranks of the early retired are greatly enriched.

Somewhere, a whole bunch of people are celebrating the medical "retirement" of one of their former co-workers. They are very happy he's gone. They hope his fraudulent act stands up so they dont have to work with him another day. The taxes and lower salaries they live with to support his full time attention to an alcoholic haze are a small price to pay.

Now if his family's most sincere dreams would only be answered by a falling piano. A sad, sad day for the piano...but we all must make sacrifices.

By the way, ass licking, motherfucking pieces of **** everywhere are today rejoicing at the kind comparison you have provided.

Now **** off.
:) I didnt fake my disability It was something I was born with .
:) I didnt fake my disability It was something I was born with .

Seems to be some sort of mental/developmental disability in this case.

Dory, I think we have another candidate for "excommunication".
Mmm hmm...


I retired early at 41 I kinda cheated Kindsa faked a medical condition got full pay for the rest of my life. I was feeling a little guilty but hey every day is SATURDAY!

So he's a scumbag, AND a liar. My favorite combination.

So after his fraud is uncovered and he does his jail time, he should be able to get a lucrative job as a used car salesman, or as a local politician.
I thought I was going to be called a troll for calling this guy out on his BS. I was really wondering how he could collect Social Security Disability benefits when he can also spend 1.5 hours in the gym every day. You have to be totally disabled to work any job to get Social Security Disability. I work in the federal government and we require all of our disability retirees (under FERS) to also apply for Social Security Disability and many get approved for our disability benefits (FERS) but almost everyone gets turned down by SS.
I have researched this issue quite a bit.
While it is certainly true that under the law you need
to basically be unable to do any work, I am pretty
sure the numbers of people collecting benefits improperly are legion. I base this partly on personal knowledge and partly on my expectation that most
government programs will be screwed up, to the
detrement of the honest taxpayer.

John Galt
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